About Leah

Leah has been conducting animal communication readings professionally over the past 15 years.  She has proven accuracy and has facilitated many spiritually enlightening and often times, healing conversations between animals and their people.

As a child Leah had a quiet sensitivity, perceiving energy but not fully understanding what it was or how to utilize it.   Over time Leah has channeled this perception into what she now uses as her intuitive gift. She developed her own unique method for communicating directly animals and with spirit, she continues to master her ability by practicing a multitude of personal, spiritual and physical rituals.

Leah lives in a stunning coastal town based 3 hours south of Sydney with her husband,  Pippin the parrot & two Boxer dogs named Gidgee and Phoenix.

What to expect from a Reading

A private animal communication reading with Leah has been described as insightful, enlightening, deeply moving, fun and accurate.

Leah currently conducts all readings via Telephone or Skype with just your pets name and breed as her calling card to connect with them. She prefers not to receive detailed information prior to the reading.

The inter-connectedness between yourself and your pet creates a 3-way channel through which information flows. The ensuing conversation generally has a life of its own and Leah respectfully delivers messages without prejudice, interpretation or judgement. Leah is the messenger. With her messages from your pet, her intuitive guidance and the clients validation they establish a firm direction for which the conversation takes.

For an experience to remember and one that will enhance the relationship with your animal please visit the Services page and Book your reading On-line.