June - Girlie Bopper

Thank you so much for the reading it was so true, especially the bit about her tail, we often commented on it and called her Basil Brush and we did think something may have bitten her but thought it may have been a snake.
Once again thank you so much and tell Girlie we love and miss her heaps and will watch out for her.


Heather & John

- Caite & Bernie

What a delightful time we spent with you both. Enjoyed every minute!

It was such a special time for us meeting you & through you, being able to communicate to our treasures. We have begun changing their diet - including more silver beet which Bernie enjoys, but Caitie isn't that fussed! Still, given time I'm sure she will adjust.

Re Caitie: what you said makes sense. John is working on an idea of making it simpler & less stressful for them to get in & out of the 'Troopy'.

I passed on to Ann the 'message' from Dale, & she said that she had always called him her son. Appreciated your message that you reinforced her belief that what she did for Dale was the right decision & is delighted he is busily organising another four legged friend for them.

Your gift is so special Leah, & Ann sends a big thankyou, & will contact you at a later date.

Again our thanks, & look forward to a lovely lengthy & warm friendship.


Toni - Merlot & Milli

I am still blown away by our  session and have been recommending you to lots of people. I was left quite high from my chat with Merlot  and our  relationship has definitely shifted. He had his two days out in the big paddock with the other horses and grazed enough so he
didn't lose weight.  He has been behaving impeccably as well.  But  what stood out is the blast of energy and love  that I got from him when we were talking.
Milli also seems alot happier with me although she's still swiping the kitten at every opportunity.  

She's returned to my bed at night  which I am very pleased about.  It seems as though I may be forgiven but not the kitten at this  stage.

Anyway, thankyou so much for your help.  If you  get any further information from them I would love to know (ie;  was Merlot okay with  his two days out, does he want it every  week?)  I will also call you  again for a session with my  daughter's pony - she's desperate to talk  to hers now!   And I'm sure some friends will call you.